What are you in the mood for right now? Something salty? Spicy? Cheesy? We all have those dishes we just can't get enough of -- the ones we could happily make for dinner every single night if our families would let us, or the ones we just have to order every time we see it on a menu. Our July/August 2016 cover shows off our favorite corn-toppers for summer, all inspired by classic comfort flavors we love. So the next time you're craving creamy queso or fresh avocado or buttery garlic, reach for some fresh corn cobs and top 'em to your hearts content!

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 6.01.12 PM

Think you could you polish off this Spicy Cilantro Queso all by yourself?

spicy cilantro queso

Are you a regular at everybarbecue joint within 10 miles of your house?

BBQ beef

Do you always grab the first -- and last -- slice of buttery garlic bread?

Garlic bread

Do you constantly stalk the #avocadotoast hashtag on Instagram?

Is your motto: "the more sriracha, the better"?

Sriracha and Sesame

Can't get enough? Try these other corny recipe ideas: