Or is it breakfast for dessert?
compartes chocolate bar and cereal
Courtesy of Compartés Chocolatier
| Credit: Courtesy of Compartés Chocolatier

Science has long been on Team Chocolate for its potential health benefits. Now, thanks to the folks at Compartés, you can cross-test that research for breakfast with zero shame.

 The Los Angeles–based chocolatier is known for its playfully inspired (and gorgeously packaged) sweets. But the company's breakfast-themed chocolate bars are next-level. The aptly named Cereal Bowl ($10) crams every inch of a white-chocolate slab with cornflakes and Lucky Charms. Packed with Turkish hazelnuts and bits of crusty bread, Hazelnut Toast ($10) is your favorite morning Nutella treat in bar form. And Donuts & Coffee ($10) features just that: real-deal doughnut pieces and organic coffee grounds folded into creamy milk chocolate. 

Now that's what we call the breakfast of champions!