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Meet the Women Changing the Face of the Pizza Industry
The Women in Pizza movement aims to normalize the image of women in the pizza industry and empower others to join.
How Nicole Ponseca Is Putting Filipino Food on the Map
Advertising account executive turned restaurateur Nicole Ponseca didn't see enough Filipino food in New York and wanted to change that. Now, she's the James Beard-nominated owner of two successful Filipino restaurants—with plenty more plans in the works.
Like a Boss: Lauren Bates of Wild Terrains
Meet Lauren Bates, the one-woman powerhouse behind Wild Terrains, a women-only travel group that spotlights female-run businesses in Portugal and Mexico City.
10 Female Pioneers in the Spirits Industry
From the first female whisky blender ever to the first black woman to distill gin in South Africa, these ladies are making waves in the spirits industry.
Support These Female-Owned Restaurants & Businesses in New York City
New York City holds a plethora of foodie destinations to satisfy any craving no matter what time of day. We're bringing you 100-plus women-owned food joints that you won't want to miss.

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Support These Female-Owned Restaurants & Businesses in Los Angeles
Packed with world-class establishments and innovative restaurateurs, meet the brilliant female chefs who put the Los Angeles food scene permanently on the map.
Support These Female-Owned Restaurants & Businesses in Atlanta
Atlanta is home to Coca-Cola and crunk music, but the city's culinary landscape goes beyond Southern cooking and is bursting with flavors from all over the world thanks to some bold, innovative female chefs.

Support These Female-Owned Restaurants & Businesses in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. is quickly becoming the nation's food capital. From classic eateries and upscale dining to cupcake shops and vegan diners, there's a woman-run spot for everybody.