Whipped coffee gets a fruity, caffeine-free twist—with just two ingredients!

By now, you've probably heard alllll about the whipped coffee trend—aka dalgona coffee. The DIY method of turning instant coffee into a soft, caffeine-filled cloud took the internet world by storm several weeks ago, when quarantine had only just begun. The drink takes 20 minutes of physical labor, so it's the ideal pandemic activity. 

Now there's another whipped drink gaining internet fame: whipped strawberry milk.  

The prettier, easier, caffeine-free sister of dalgona coffee requires only strawberry Nesquik (the powder) and heavy whipping cream, according to a recipe by @sweetportfolio. Just as with dalgona coffee, you dump the ingredients into a bowl and whip furiously until it's thick and creamy. Spoon the pink cloud over a glass of milk, and you've got yourself a sweet, picture-perfect drink. 

Our friends over at Rachael gave the trend a go. Their verdict: It works and it's well worth the effort (and arm pain)! Their recipe calls for two tablespoons of strawberry milk powder and 1/4 cup of heavy whipping cream. Don't have all the ingredients? They've got plenty of swaps, like strawberry jam or chocolate powder. 

The whipped drink creations don't stop there. @sweetportfolio's got other recipes, like whipped Nutella and Biscoff whipped milk

Try your hand at the trend and let us know how it goes! Even if you don't decide to make the drink, it's worthing heading to the hashtag #whippedstrawberrymilk on Instagram to browse pics of the pink fluff. They're soooooo pretty 💕