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woman throwing axe at Urban Axes
Photo courtesy of Urban Axes
| Credit: Photo courtesy of Urban Axes

What do you get when you mix axes with alcohol? If you're thinking the ER, we're with you. But BYOB ax-throwing venues are a thing now, and they're actually safe, thanks to strict supervision by, ahem, ax-perts. The Canadian-born concept has gained traction in the States. 

And you don't have to be Paul Bunyan to play. "Everyone loves throwing axes—they just don't know it yet!" says Krista Paton, co-owner of Urban Axes. "We have bachelorettes throwing next to lawyers. It's really anyone's game."

Along with booze (in some places—the laws vary by state, so check out the FAQs of the venues your interested in), these places all feature ranges where groups can hurl axes at targets. 

Here are some cool axe bars near you:

Urban Axes does brisk business in Austin, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. 

Bad Axe Throwing packs them in at 17 locations, including Atlanta and Denver. 

Kick Axe Throwing calls Brooklyn and Washington, D.C., home. 

Detroit Axe invites friends to wield some weapons in, you guessed it, Detroit.

Lumberjaxe is a premiere spot located in Charlotte, NC.

Backyard Axe Throwing League hosts ax throwers in Canada and the U.S., including Chicago and Nashville.