When musicians pull into town for a gig, they’re not just bringing amps and backup dancers with them—they come with tour riders. The list of demands ranges from fresh flowers and framed portraits to, of course, food. Here are the reported snack asks from 10 picky performers.

star snacks
Photography by Marcus Nilsson
| Credit: Photography by Marcus Nilsson

1. Foo Fighters

Cornish game hens

2. Steve Aoki

A large layer cake

3. Rihanna

Regular and Flamin' Hot Cheetos

4. Jack White

Homemade guacamole

5. Mariah Carey

Fried chicken

6. Action Bronson

Seasonal fruit

7. Kayne West

Slushie machines

8. Ludacris

12 assorted Minute Maid juice boxes

9. Justin Bieber

A large pack of Swedish fish

10. Adele

Mini chocolate bars and European lagers

11. Lady Gaga

Red and white wines and a cheese plate