Finally, there's a snuggly onesie for the professional reporting in from the sofa


Zoom life, amirite? When the pandemic first struck late last winter and we found ourselves working from home, we had all sorts of reactions to our new virtual work and social lives. At first we tried to keep up appearances as our coworkers came into our homes through video meetings, but as we all grew to accept our formerly unusual circumstances, comfort was key. 

As summer unfolded, I, for one, developed a more bohemian look, opting for caftans and muumuus, natural curls, and no makeup rather than my usual updo and red lipstick. But then sunny days fell away, along with any denial that this situation was temporary. As I looked ahead to a long winter, I also reassessed my work from home situation. This is how we'd be working for a while. With remoting in becoming the norm, it was time to sober up and really figure out how to proceed


So when a notification about the Work Wonnie hit my inbox, I leaned in. The Wonnie is the mullet of leisurewear: a one-piece suit with a button-down, collared shirt up top and comfy joggers-style sweatpants on the bottom. It's simultaneously perfect for business-focused video chats and party-on-the-couch lounging. The two pieces are discreetly sewn together under the shirt's flap to maintain a loose-fitting look. And bonus, the Wonnie has a solution for the most difficult part about a onesie—a trap door (aka, a "buttflap"). Brilliant.

One morning before a staff video conference, I slid on the onesie and was impressed with the fit. Button-downs don't always work so well on my frame, but the shirt laid flat with no gaps. The pants were comfy, and I felt ready for anything. Surprise me with a Zoom or let me sit cross-legged on the couch for a moment of meditation! I'm prepared. 

Business on top...
...couch-ready comfiness on the bottom.

When it was time for the staff meeting, I logged on confidently, knowing no one would know my comfortable secret. (Well, except for the fact that I never wear button-down business shirts.) We did our usual thing and no one was the wiser to my "business on top" and comfy bottom half, complete with leopard print booties.

I wore the Wonnie all day, and even though it was getting blustery outside, I stayed nice and toasty. The trap door was a nice feature for keeping warm during other business throughout the day. (I think it might be easier for guys, but I made it work with little effort.) When the day wrapped, I moved on over to my couch and curled up for some TV watching time—all in the comfort of my Zoom suit.

I'm so here for the Work Wonnie, because it's so here for me. This funny but functional outfit let me be on call for work meetings while keeping comfortable, all while putting a smile on my face. Who can't use some comfort and joy during these crazy pandemic times? 

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