"I'm really taking it like a blessing."


Chef José Andres never ceases to impress. The Spanish-born celebrity chef is known just as much for his skilled cooking as he is for his unceasing kindness. With his nonprofit, World Central Kitchen, he's helped feed millions of people affected by disasters like earthquakes, forest fires, and, right now, the coronavirus pandemic. 

Andres has been pulling long days to ensure people around the country are fed during this difficult time—already his nonprofit has served 4.2 million meals—and to make sure he's there for his family. Still, the Nobel Peace Prize-nominated chef found time to chat with Rach, and he was filled with only gratitude for his busy life.

Like everyone around the country, Andres is spending more time at home with family. They've been cooking together every night (check out Andres' Instagram for videos of their cooking sessions), and Andres is embracing all of that together time.  

"For me, this is a blessing because my daughters are in this age that, before I know, they're gonna be graduating in the next year and they move into their own lives," Andres told Rach. "These weeks—and probably a few weeks ahead—that we've been spending so much time together, cooking every night together, I'm really taking it like a blessing." 

Andres has also been hard at work with his nonprofit, and he talked about how thankful he was to be a small part of the solution. 

"Right now in World Central Kitchen, we have more than 500 restaurants that are partners," Andres said. The nonprofit works with the restaurants to prepare and distribute meals for people in need while keeping some restaurant workers employed. "Instead of staying at home, the restaurants are opening. They're able to hire some of the people that want to help, that want to work." 

Andres is proud, he says, of everyone working together to take care of those who need help right now. 

"A few months from now, when everything goes back to normal, we will look back and we will say that in one of the darkest moments of America, America as a whole came together and everybody did their part. 

"And that's the beauty of what one day we will all be able to tell our grandchildren and others—that all came together to make sure that America was taken care of... one plate of food at a time." 

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