That pizza oven 😍

We've been getting peeks of Rach's kitchen in her at-home cooking videos. Now she and John are sharing an up-close look at the place where all the magic happens! 

Rach says she decorated the house before it was built. "I drew the house on a piece of paper so I knew what I wanted it to be in my mind." Naturally, then, the whole kitchen is gorgeous and well thought-out. But here are some of the highlights: 

  • The entire kitchen block is made-in-America butcher block so Rach can chop anywhere on it. 
  • There's a pizza oven behind the stove where Rach can cook up delicious homemade pizzas. "I worked 35 years to have a gas stove and to put that pizza oven in behind it," Rach says. 
  • John's favorite part of the kitchen is—wait for it—the dishwasher. "The Avenger—the 92nd commercial dishwasher," Rach says. 
  • The pantry is massive. And a bit daunting, Rach admits, but it works for her!

Watch the full video so you don't miss any of her kitchen's treasures!