Because as scary as the world seems, there's still plenty of good out there.

There's no doubt things are tough right now. The world feels scary and everything's uncertain. You're worried about your health, your loved ones, small businesses, the economy. But it's important to take a breather and remember that there's good in the world. A lot of it. 

We pulled together 10 stories—some old, some new, some uplifting, some purely escapist—to help take your mind off the virus. Pour some tea, silence your phone, and take time to revel in the good. Your mind will thank you! 

1. This designer's home will remind you to relish the people around you

portrait of jade joyner in colorful living room
Credit: Photography by Matthew Williams

2. This story of a shelter dog and bullied teen saving each other will inspire you to practice kindness—always

Twinkie and Naomi on a paddle board
Credit: Photo Courtesy Gosdin Family

3. This story of a couple's Airstream adventures will teach you that you don't need much to live large

married couple and dogs in airstream
Credit: Photography by Chris Mottalini

4. David Burtka and Neil Patrick Harris' game night tips will make your nights in so much better 

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka host a fiesta party
Credit: Danielle Levitt

5. This story of a kid-focused cooking school will inspire you to turn downtime into kitchen time with your little ones

Credit: Photography by Jessica Antola

6. This story of a bakery that hires people with criminal records will make you value second chances

Sheila Young-Eberhart Rubicon Bakers
Credit: Clara Rice/Rubicon Bakers

7. This story of dinner at a New York firehouse will remind you to appreciate first responders 

firefighters cutting and peeling vegetables
Eric pairs the meat with a tangy slaw that gets a kick from jalapeños, which his fellow firefighter Aaron Clark (on Eric’s left) helps prep.
| Credit: Photography by Paola + Murray

8. This look back on Rachael Ray's convo with Michelle Obama during the Becoming book tour will make you laugh—and maybe cry 

Michelle Obama and Rachael Ray talk food and family in Austin
Credit: Photography by Isaac Palmisano

9. This story of a Brooklyn restaurant that trains refugees to be chefs will inspire you to support those in need

emmas torch culinary training program graduates
Credit: Photography by Brad Ogbonna

10. These profiles of eight women redefining the food industry will empower you to make a difference in the world, too

female chefs
Credit: Photography by Peggy Sirota, Winnie Au, & Amanda Marsalis