Spoiler: It's adorable.

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When two famous people—one a talented singer, actress, and cook, the other a superstar country singer—celebrate 13 years of marriage, you'd imagine they go pretty big with the festivities. Maybe a nice dinner out at the city's best restaurant. Maybe a luxurious vacation on a remote island. Maybe a simple-but-still-elegant night in. 

Not so for Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks. The two have been married for 13 years, and as Trisha shared during her appearance on the Rachael Ray Show, they're celebrating the same way they have since day one: with their daughters.

"When I married Garth, he had three daughters," Trisha said. "We married the girls. They wore little wedding dresses, we exchanged rings—'cause they had to say it was okay for me to marry their dad. So our anniversary is our anniversary." 

Trish and Garth don't skip the romantic date night. They schedule in a cute celebration for just the two of them at some point. "But anniversary is for our family," Trisha said.

If that wasn't cute enough, listen to the title Trish gave herself when she married Garth. 

"I became a bonus mom," she said. "Stepmom's very Cinderella. It doesn't have good connotations. And so you're a bonus mom because the girls have a mom, and I get to be another woman in their life that loves them." 

We knew we wanted to join their fam at that point, and then we found out that Garth has dinner ready and on the table for the fam by the time Trish gets home from shooting her cooking show.

"That's ridiculous," Rach said. "He's just such a show off... and we love it."

You can say that again, Rach.