Even if you're not that into arts and crafts, one of these simple scrapbook ideas will make it easy to capture your travel memories.

By Rachael Ray Every Day
November 01, 2005
travel scrapbook ideas

Simplest Scrapbook Ever
Create a Keepsake Key Ring

Pack a glue stick, hole punch and small scissors.

Purchase a souvenir key ring from an airport shop or city store when you arrive.

Punch holes in ticket stubs, receipts and other small mementos, and loop them onto the key ring.

Snip your favorite parts out of larger items like maps, menus and brochures with the scissors, and paste them to note cards.

String on beachy objects, like seashells with natural holes or a note card with a thin layer of sand glued on.

travel scrapbook idea

The Collector
Build a Tiny Time Capsule
At the end of each day, empty your pockets and purse and drop any findings (think bumper stickers, old-timey postcards or quirky purchases from street vendors) into one of these easy-to-take-home containers. When the traveling's over, label your container scrapbook with the trip location and dates.

Mason Jars
Scan flea markets and kitchen stores for large, lidded vessels.

Cookie Tins
Buy a sweet snack for on-the-go munching, but keep the packaging.

Cigar Boxes
Look for unique and colorful versions at antique shops.

Tote Bag
Stop at a local grocery or farmers' market for a special sack.

travel scrapbook idea

The Photographer
Take Photos of Souvenirs
Lay seashells, hotel keys and other items on a neutral surface -- like a bathroom counter or white bedspread -- and snap away!

Bring in Local Backgrounds
Use a sandy beach, city bench or grassy lawn as a backdrop and experiment with new camera settings, like black-and-white or sepia.

Snap at Random
To truly tell the story of your trip, capture day-to-day activities -- pumping gas, buying cereal, unpacking. Don't forget to shoot natural objects like native flowers or trees, snacks and cocktails (not just meals), and your hotel room -- both clean and messy!

Share on the Spot
Transform your digital photos into postcards to send to friends and family while you're away. Printyourlife.com, hazelmail.com and shootit.com all let you pair a digital snapshot with a postcard-length message, then they snailmail it home for you ($1 and up).

travel scrapbook ideas

The Journaler
Preserve Memories with a Pen
Pack a small notebook to record vacation events, big or small.

Create Prompts
Start lists before you venture out for the day (e.g., "Songs We Sang in the Car," "Meals We Ate Today" or "I Want to Remember...") to encourage regular entries.

Add Flair
Tack on some local flavor (and pops of color) by tearing out words from brochures, menus or magazines.

Pass It Around
Ask travel companions to add funny quotes or doodles, or something more personal, like details about a favorite day.

travel scrapbook idea

The Techie
Go All-Digital
Power up your smartphone or laptop and let an app do all the work.

Trip-journal.com: Document your whereabouts using GPS, then embellish the map by adding notes and photos you take at each destination. Instantly post your experiences on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube to share with friends and family.

Momentoapp.com: Type in your whereabouts, and the app lets you attach photos and info from Facebook status updates, tweets and Foursquare check-ins to keep a daily record of your trip.