Travel Guide: How To Pack Fragile Items

Never worry about broken souvenirs again with these travel tips on how to pack fragile items from National Geographic author and guru Marybeth Bond. Make this your travel guide for packing wine bottles, cheese, glass and chocolates when on vacation.
How To Pack Fragile Items

The worst part of flying since having to take off your shoes at the airport is trying to get all of your fragile souvenirs home in one piece! Avoid busted wine bottles -- and cranky customs officers -- with this primer on souvenir-packing from National Geographic author and guru Marybeth Bond.

Wrapping wine bottles in clothing is a recipe for suitcase sangria -- yuck! Instead bubble-wrap bottles (even better if they're boxed, too) and then pack them mid-suitcase.

Only pack cheese if you're coming from, say, your nana's in Wisconsin (in which case, use several layers of plastic wrap and a plastic bag). But if you're coming from your nonna's in Rome (or anywhere outside the U.S.), customs frowns on dairy.

Venetian vases, Murano bowls, mugs and other glass products require carry-ons, Bond says. But first, wrap each item with T-shirts, filling holes with socks or underwear. And make sure the bundle is protected from the outside world by something hard (a book is ideal).

Bond suggests stashing even well-wrapped chocolates in a sturdy plastic container (or a resealable plastic bag in a pinch). The most delectable treat becomes a bit less appealing if broken into a thousand shards!