Double-dipping is a thing of the past when you have a dip-spinner.
Courtesy of Heluva Good
| Credit: Courtesy of Heluva Good

When you think Super Bowl party, a few things come to mind: Wings, chips, dips (guac and salsa included!), and probably beer. Basically, all the best things in life. Only problem is you're not eating all these things alone in a vacuum. You're likely watching the game with friends, family, or maybe even friends of friends, who may as well be strangers when it comes to the biggest food party foul we can think of for the Super Bowl: double-dipping. 

That's why we kind of lost it over the Dip-Spinner, a one-of-a-kind and sort of kooky (but also extremely appealing) invention from Heluva Good, dip maker extraordinaire. How does it work, you ask? With a wave of a chip or wing, this motion detector-operated device (that you would attach to a big bowl of whatever you're serving) dispenses sauce right onto your snack. There's a dip-dial ring that allows you to select your preference between big, medium, and small, so you won't over or under-do it on the dip. And most importantly, there's no more sticking of chips, sticks, or wings directly into dips. So double-dipping is a thing of the germy past.

Unfortunately, this Heluva Good device is not available for sale because one lucky guy got it—none other than Joey Fatone of N'Sync fame and host the new show Common Knowledge on Game Show Network. He knows a thing or two about the Super Bowl, having performed during the half-time show now 18 years ago. So he partnered with the brand to help bring this idea to life.

Joey Fatone and DipSpinner Image
Credit: Courtesy of Heluva Good

So this Super Bowl, don't forget the dip! And if anyone can think of a way to create their own anti-double dipping device, please let us know in the comments. You'd be doing us a big service, that's for sure.