5 Things Rachael Ray Is Loving Right Now: Fresh Skincare, Copper Bottles, and more!

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Bottle It Up

copper H2O water bottle

I have a fancy copper water bottle from Copper H2O ($35) that my friends gave me. Pure copper has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and it makes your water alkaline, which is supposed to be good for you in a bunch of ways. But mostly I just think it’s cool and pretty.

Fresh Faced

lait VIP o2 cleanser

I love Biologique Recherche stuff for my skin. The Lait VIP O2 Cleanser ($66) is expensive but not egregiously so, and the formula purifies skin that’s stressed from pollution and climate, which is great for frequent fliers like me because airplane air is ick.

In A Clip

harry josh pro makeup wave setting clips

My makeup artist, Joe Simon, always uses these Harry Josh Pro Makeup & Wave Setting Clips ($18 for six) to keep my hair out of my face while he does my makeup. They don’t leave that annoying dent, plus they’re more substantially sized than bobby pins so I’m not always losing them!

John's Cocktail: The Thirsty Jockey

john's cocktail the thirsty jock cocktail

Recipe: Try John's Cocktail: The Thirsty Jockey

Baby Smooth

tlc sukari babyfacial mask

I never met a face mask I didn’t like! Plus, they’re fun to scare my husband and Isaboo with. Drunk Elephant makes some of my favorite skin products, and the T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial Mask ($80) is a great at-home treatment that leaves me refreshed, not red-faced.