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5 Snacks That Are Perfect for Earth Day

Reduce your refuse even further with these eco-conscious goodies.
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misfit cold-pressed orange juice

“Ugly” fruits and veg are given a new lease on life by this brand that makes cold-pressed juices using at least 70 percent oddball produce. Tasty, cleverly named combos include All Kale Breaks Loose (kale, apple, cucumber, romaine, lemon, ginger, and basil). misfitjuicery.co

Forager Project

forager project chipotle bbq greens chips

Sorry, Doritos, but pressed veggie chips from Forager Project are better for us and the planet. The brand takes pomace (a.k.a. the skin, the seeds, and the pulp) that other companies might throw out and rehydrates it to make crunchy chips in flavors like Cheezy and Wasabi. foragerproject.com


toast american pale ale

Nowhere is beer’s nickname “liquid bread” more true than at the brewery Toast. The beers are made with the usual hops, yeast, malted barley, and water but also surplus bread from bakeries. Even better, 100 percent of profits benefit Feedback, a charity that works to end food waste. toastale.com

Misadventure & Co.


Vice and virtue go hand in hand at Misadventure & Co., a spirits company founded by bartender Whit Rigali and agricultural economist Samuel Chereskin. Rather than starting with a potato or corn base, the team salvages baked goods from local food banks to produce its vodka. misadventure.co


snact apple, blueberry, and banana fruit jerky

The folks behind this British brand blend surplus fruits from packinghouses and farms into smoothies that are poured flat and then dried to make yummy fruit jerky. Each of the varieties (like apple-raspberry or apple-mango) comes wrapped in fully compostable packaging. snact.co.uk