No burnt tongues here! These crave-able coffee chews might just replace your grande latte.
go-cubes cold brew chewables
Photography by Peter Ardito
| Credit: Photography by Peter Ardito

On those days when you're too busy for a Starbucks run, there are Go Cubes

The candy-size chews, packed with real cold brew and half a cup's worth of caffeine in a single cube, are the brainchild of San Francisco start-up HVMN. 

"Millennials were our initial target audience," says Geoff Woo, CEO of HVMN. "But busy moms and professionals have adopted Go Cubes because of the kick and convenience without the crash that can often follow coffee."

That lack of crash is thanks to the mellowing supplement L-theanine. All of the available flavors, including latte, mocha, and pure drip, contain vitamin B complex and other supplements. 

Best of all? No danger of spilling!