Make Turkey Day more fun by putting it in a jar!

Why does everything look cuter in a jar? Seriously though. Cake, cocktails, salads. They're perfectly fine on their own, but serve them in a mason jar, and people flip out and just have to take a picture of it. It must have something to do with the pretty, almost striped look you can achieve by layering ingredients. And you know what? Thanksgiving dinner is apparently no exception, if this Thanksgiving in a Jar from Kingbird restaurant at The Watergate Hotel (yes, that Watergate of Nixon scandal fame) is any indicator.

Credit: Courtesy of The Watergate Hotel

Feast your eyes on a full Thanksgiving dinner, people, conveniently packaged in a jar. You've got pureed potatoes as a base, followed by roasted carrots with honey and cardamom, croissant stuffing featuring bacon, green beans and then your traditional turkey (white and dark meat) and cranberry sauce topped off with a handful of pecans for good measure and crunch. 

The jar may look small, but it's one of those Weck whoppers that holds over a liter of stuff. Not saying to forgo your family dinner for one of these Thanksgiving in a Jars necessarily, but this is an option if you can't make it home this holiday or just want to bring something super buzzy to the table. 

You could also totally steal this idea for packaging up your leftovers. Just stock up on a bunch of small jars, and let your guests go to town layering items. They're the perfect DIY favors, and you'll have less cleaning up to do too, so it's kind of a win-win.

Credit: Courtesy of The Watergate Hotel

Kingbird's jars, which serve between 2 and 4 people, are available locally in Washington D.C. and can be shipped as well. The cost is $60 per jar, and they're on sale now and through this coming Saturday, November 24, 2018. To order, call 1-855-256-3966.