Plus, their mutual love for Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard... and Ted's wife.


Ted Danson is no stranger to long-running TV shows. He first starred as Sam Malone on Cheers, which was in its 11th season when it finally ended in 1993. Danson stole countless hearts while playing Malone. While visiting Rach on Rachael, he proved that he's still stealing them more than two decades later. 

If you didn't already know, Danson has been playing Michael in NBC's beloved comedy The Good Place for the past few years. But this fan-favorite won't have the same length as Cheers. In fact, the final episode is airing tonight, January 30, 2020, and Danson is okay with that.

"It's wonderful that it's ending the way it is," he tells Rachael. "The writer, Mike Schur, is such an elegant man. He realized that he will have told the complete story at the end of this season."

Rach aptly added in that the story arc has come to its natural conclusion. Rather than keep producing the show solely to make money, the cast and crew of The Good Place have chosen to end it where they can still feel proud of the product. 

Although avid watchers of the show may be disappointed that the story is ending, Danson feels that this finale is the groups' "gift" to viewers. Plus, knowing that the show had an impending and definite end made them extra grateful. "We got to appreciate each other in the moment," he explains.

But that's not all Ted and Rach bonded over. After discussing The Good Place's longevity, they shared their mutual affection for Kristen Bell, one of the stars of the show, and her husband, Dax Shepard. More importantly, though, Rachael fawned over Mary Steenburgen, the award-winning actress who also happens to be Ted's wife.

"Who would not love her?" Rach says, before discussing Steenburgen's impressive career as both an actress and musician. "She plays the accordion and makes it smoking hot!"

Ted agreed, of course, and proceeded to tell Rachael about his and Mary's recent trip to celebrate their 24th anniversary. It sounded beautiful, and we're all a little jealous we weren't invited...

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