The good news: They're churro donuts. The bad news: They're only available in Kansas City (for now).

Churro Donut
Taco Bell
| Credit: Taco Bell

Taco Bell is joining the fast food donut party! Late last month, the popular chain announced it was testing Churro Donuts at restaurants in Kansas City, Missouri, to determine whether the new item would be added to menus nationwide.

The donut, which costs $1, is Taco Bell's response to the donut sticks that have debuted at several fast food chains in the past year. Dunkin' Donuts launched Donut Fries last summer, spawning Burger King's reintroduction of funnel cake fries in January and McDonalds' McCafé Donut Sticks in February.

Taco Bell's donut creation is the cheapest option to launch so far, and if it does well enough in Kansas City, other states will have the chance to try it out.

The deep fried donut dusted with cinnamon sugar has gotten mixed reviews, though. Some people have praised them and begged for them to become a regular menu item. 

One Twitter user said the donuts might be better than actual churros. "It had just the right amount of crunch, but soft and delicious like a donut should be," she wrote.

Other people haven't been quite as impressed. A reviewer at Kansas City Public Television's digital magazine, Flatland Magazine, said the Churro Donut "has more oil than a zit cream ad" and "bland chewy insides."

A Thrillist reviewer had similar remarks. The slightly soggy, rather oily, and very dense donut would be more enjoyable with dipping sauce or hot chocolate, he said. 

But as many have noted, the donut beats out competitors' versions in terms of price, and that value might help the Churro Donut succeed.

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