And this year, it's all about the hot dogs.

Rachael's epic South by Southwest Feedback Party is back, baby! What's better than a party with a bunch of kickass bands rocking out with people from all over the world? A party that also has free food. And not just free food—really good free food, with recipes by Rach herself!

Credit: Photo by Charles Reagan

First, a few key details if you're heading to the party yourself: Feedback at Stubb's BBQ (801 Red River Street) starts at 10 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m. on Saturday, March 17. Once the venue hits capacity, they'll institute a one-in-one-out policy—so get there early, people.

Last year, Rachael went the queso route for her Feedback menu: think queso-on-the-cob and Tex-Mex TOTchos (tater tot nachos). This year, she's going heavy on the hot dogs—but if that's not your thing, she's got you covered with some delicious alternatives.

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Check out the SXSW Feedback food lineup below. And if you can't make it to the Stubb's House on March 17, you can still get in on the action with the full recipes and a Spotify playlist of all the bands playing down below.

Pimento Cheese Dogs

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A hot dog with crushed Frito's and a finger-licking cheese sauce? We'll have three! 

Get the recipe for Pimento Cheese Dogs

Lil’ Veg-Head Corn Dogs with Tomatillo Gazpacho Shooters

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This one's a tasty vegetarian twist on a carnival classic.

Serious Three-Meat Sloppy Joes

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These small bites pack a punch of flavor and heat.

Frank 'n "Refried" Beans

Hot dogs and refried beans is the combination you didn't know you needed.

Get the recipe for Frank 'n "Refried" Beans 

Not going to South by Southwest this year? Check out the playlist below to jam out #RRFeedback-style right at home.