This is the best kind of way to use social media.


Posting about your #notsaddesklunch is doing more than make your followers jealous—those exact posts might have helped create Sweetgreen's new menu. For the past few years, the company has been closely following along as their consumers posted their thoughts and wants for Sweetgreen's menu. Today, they're making those dreams (and DMs) a reality by updating their core menu.

sweetgreen salads
Credit: Courtesy of Sweetgreen

"Over the past four years, our team has spent thousands of hours combing through customer feedback and ideas, testing new flavor combinations in our test kitchen, and working with over 150 farmers across the country to to explore new seasonal ingredients," says co-founder Nicolas Jammet. "We took that data and crafted a new menu that is truly the best of Sweetgreen. It's the biggest improvement to our menu we've ever done."

The chain—which has restaurants in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.—usually makes seasonal changes to its menu five times a year to keep up with what's fresh and local right now. In addition to the new seasonal menu, the chain is adding five bowls to its core menu: 

  • Fish Taco: For people who want to skip the red meat, but not skimp on flavor.
  • Lentil + Avocado: This bowl marks the launch of lentils to Sweetgreen's core menu.
  • Pesto Chicken Parm: Basically chicken parmesan, but in salad form!
  • Spicy Thai Salad: Mostly greens, no meat, and a spicy cashew dressing.
  • Curry Chickpea Bowl: The popular winter 2017 item has made its way onto the core menu.

Avocado Lentil
Sweetgreen's new Lentil + Avocado salad
| Credit: Courtesy of Sweetgreen

These new menu items look and sound delicious, but what's more exciting is that it's a direct reflection of what consumers want. In other words, this is the kind of social media stalking we're totally OK with.

"We really wanted to listen to what people were asking for," said Jammet. "For example, we had tons of requests for an Italian flavor profile on the menu, so we created the Chicken Pesto Parm which is a play off of chicken parmesan, in Sweetgreen form."

Check out the new menu in stores now. Or if you're not living anywhere near a Sweetgreen, why not share your hope for a new store location on social media? Who knows, the company might make your wish a reality, too.