That's right—Sushi. Robots.


It goes without saying that the COVID-19 crisis has been catastrophic for the restaurant industry, but many innovative businesses have found ways to continue providing food and services. There's delivery, takeout, online orders, food pantry donations—and now, there are sushi robots.

Kissaki, a Japanese restaurant that opened in NYC just before the pandemic broke out in the U.S., is innovating the scene by providing sushi kits to health care workers on the frontlines in New York City. Each box holds six pieces of nigiri and one maki roll, plus two disposable three-ply masks from MIR Solutions.


But that's not all. Kissaki is using sushi robots to make the rolls. Sushi. Robots. Yep, you read that right! The robots come courtesy of AUTEC Sushi Robot, and the purpose is to limit the amount of human contact throughout the overall process. By using the robot to form and slice the sushi, this method promotes cleanliness and safety while utilizing a super-cool, high-tech format.

Kissaki is asking for donations to help cover the costs of making and delivering the sushi, as well as the wages for the staff working on the project. You can donate here, on the restaurant's website, in increasing increments. Thirty dollars provides one meal for health care workers, $150 buys five meals, and $300 helps out 10 frontline workers. You can also enter a custom amount, but $30 is suggested.

Kissaki has already raised $15,000 and successfully delivered meals to Coney Island Hospital, but the restaurant is hoping to reach $250,000 for more deliveries. Donate here to support selfless health care workers and an innovative new technology.