When it comes to entertaining, Sunny Ozell knows what’s important—namely Champagne, in-season eats, and not sweating the small stuff.

Photography by Melanie Dunea; Vintage Books; Starz Entertainment
| Credit: Photography by Melanie Dunea; Vintage Books; Starz Entertainment

Sunny Ozell is a musician you'll be hearing a lot more about (and not because she's Sir Patrick Stewart's wife). The New York City singer's sophomore album, the rootsy Overnight Lows, is due out this summer, and it's the soundtrack you'll want to listen to on sultry nights. 

She also has legit food cred. She has worked with New York Times food columnist Melissa Clark, and celeb chef David Chang had a cameo in the video for her single "Git Gone." So when it comes to entertaining offstage, Sunny knows what's important. Read on for her best entertaining tips.

1. Focus On The Food

"My hostessing style is pretty darn lazy in terms of presentation, but I'm exacting when it comes to stuff people are gonna put in their mouths. I want the food and drink to be superb, whether I'm making something homey or highbrow."

2. Think Elegant And Easy

"Risotto feels luxurious but is so simple. It's also a blank slate for a seasonal showcase: ramps and asparagus in the spring, late-season tomatoes and sweet Italian sausage in the fall."

3. Bubbles Are Always A Good Idea

"No one ever turns their nose up at Champagne— and don't try to tell me it doesn't pair well with everything! Roederer Estate Brut sparkling wine is the best bang for the buck. It's classic and crisp with gorgeous bubbles."

4. Know What You Don’t Know

"I live down the road from a killer bakery named Four & Twenty Blackbirds, and their pies are unimpeachable. I love pie but am totally flummoxed by homemade piecrust. When it comes to baking, keep me away from the oven!"

5. Stay In Your Comfort Zone

"For the love of all that is sacred and holy, don't try out a new recipe for the first time for a party!"

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