But they will be tears of joy.


The first tearless sweet onions, known as Sunions, are here and we couldn't be more excited! Finally, you can chop onions without looking like you just finished watching the latest episode of This Is Us. 

Credit: Photo courtesy of Sunions

So how did these miraculous onions come to be? If you guessed genetic modification, try again. These sweeties are actually the result of regular old cross-breeding. 

"This onion is the product of more than 30 years of research and development to produce an onion that actually decreased in pungency during storage," said Sunions breeder Rick Watson.

In order to make sure Sunions were ready for market, the onions were apparently tested on easy criers. 

"It went through multiple taste tests, including one by consumers where they gathered people pre-disposed to crying while cutting and asked them to chop Sunions as well as another normal onion and record the level of eye irritation," reports Tove Danovitch for NPR. "Testers reported preferring Sunions five to one."

Ready to give them a try? For now, you can find them in markets in 11 states: including Texas, California, Washington, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, Utah and New York. But hurry, supplies are limited and they expect to sell out by late March or early April.