This cool single-serve brewer will change the way you make and drink coffee on the go—on a plane, train, or even at your desk.

Courtesy of Stumptown
| Credit: Courtesy of Stumptown

Picture this: the mid-afternoon slump hits and you need caffeine, stat. Instead of brewing a mediocre cup of stale-tasting office coffee, you have an aromatic, flavorful, pour over coffee made fresh for you, as if a barista was hiding under your desk. That could be your new reality with Stumptown's new collaboration with Dripkit, a single-serve disposable pour over brewer that comes in a convenient pouch to take on the go.

Dripkit has been making this high quality "instant" coffee since 2018, but Rachael Ray Every Day can exclusively report that its partnership with the Portland, OR-based brewer launches tomorrow, June 19. Each pouch contains exactly 17g of their roasted and ground coffee—previously, Stumptown only sold whole beans you had to grind at home—which makes a 10 oz. cup of one of their signature blends, Holler Mountain.

We gave it a test drive in the offices and can report it is super easy to use. You just open up the paper brewer and rest it on top of your favorite mug. It stays steady as if it's on a little tripod, and you pour boiling water over the grounds until it drips through, repeating the process four times to get your full cup. It's a little awkward the first time you use it, but once you get a hang of it, it's seamless. Use a kettle for boiling water if you can, but in a pinch, a cup of boiled water poured over the grounds works well too.

Holler Mountain is one of my personal favorite blends. For coffee nerds, it is a blend of organic beans from Central and South America, East Africa, and Indonesia, that is full-bodied, yet has a nice bright finish. It's super smooth on the palate and creamy notes of caramel, hazelnut, and a hint of chocolate come through, but there's also enough of a citrus note that it can feel refreshing, even when drank hot on a summer day. I prefer it iced, and found that if I brewed my Stumptown Dripkit over a few large ice cubes and cold milk, it didn't dilute too much. That said, that's not how it's recommended to drink—you get the purest flavor and pour over experience with a black coffee.

In addition to sipping at your desk, I'm excited to bring it on the road. I can see myself brewing one with free hot water at the airport—or on the plane—aboard a train, in an Airbnb that doesn't have a coffee machine, or even in a hotel room that only has one of those tiny coffee pots that always makes burnt-tasting coffee. A coworker suggested it's also "good for going to friend's who doesn't drink coffee…or drinks bad coffee."

At $3.50 per pouch (available at Stumptown cafes and online at and, it's the same price or less than buying a coffee at a café, and since it's flat, you could always keep a few in your carryon or in your purse for caffeine emergencies. It's the closest thing we'll ever have to having a barista in our pockets—at least until the world of Black Mirror comes true.