Be there or be square.
| Credit: Starbucks

You don't have to dream on about tie-dye Frappuccinos any longer. After rumors that Starbucks would launch a very ~groovy~ frapp, the brand has confirmed the colorful bev is available nationwide starting today, July 10.

The "deliciously fruity drink is vibrant with red, blue and yellow tie-dye swirls, topped with vanilla whipped cream, an dusted with red, blue and yellow powder," according to Starbucks' menu.

That "fruity" flavor is on the tropical side, according to a press release. Some have likened it to a banana Laffy Taffy.

Although the drink, like many Starbucks frapps, isn't necessarily on the healthy side (a grande rings in at 400 calories and 58 grams of sugar), it does boast natural coloring from turmeric, red beet, and spirulina. Plus, it's a crème-based frapp, so there isn't any caffeine, which is good if you want to split one with your kiddos.

With its swirled colors and sparkly sugar dust on top, this far-out frapp is a natural fit for Instagram. But if you want the perfect pic for your feed, you'll have to hurry. The drink is only available for a few days while supplies last. And judging by how many people run to Starbucks to try their other photo-worthy drinks (looking at you, Unicorn Frappuccino), supplies could run out soon. Drinks are available throughout the U.S. and Canada. 

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