If rumors are true, it'll be back August 27—the earliest date yet.

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Courtesy of Starbucks
| Credit: Courtesy of Starbucks

For the past several years, Starbucks (and dozens of other companies) have released their autumnal products increasingly earlier, forcing pumpkin flavors down our throats while it's still 90 degrees outside.

So we really shouldn't be surprised to hear that Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte is suspected to hit menus nearly a month before the first day of fall, on August 27. (That's just one and a half weeks away!)

Although the company hasn't officially announced this year's PSL launch date, Starbucks workers told Business Insider August 27 was the return date.

That's not a far-fetched rumor. Last year, the coffee chain started selling PSLs on August 28. Already this year, Dunkin' announced its seasonal fall foods and drinks would start gracing menus on August 21, and Dairy Queen announced it's dropping a Pumpkin Pie Blizzard on August 26.

If that seems wild, consider how large the pumpkin spice market is. In addition to being able to buy a pumpkin spice version of just about every food and drink ever—we're talking whipped cream, yogurt, coffee, liqueur, and a whole lot more—you can get beauty and skin care products in pumpkin spice flavors. There's pumpkin pudding toothpaste, pumpkin spice dog shampoo, pumpkin spice beard oil, even pumpkin spice deodorant. A PSL release date of August 27 sounds pretty mild in comparison to rubbing pumpkin spice on your armpits.

We'll find out soon if the PSL rumor is true. Until then, Starbucks is urging us to use its new Pumpkin Spice Creamer as a stand-in for the latte. Or you can just fervently reapply your pumpkin spice deodorant as you wait for summer to officially end on September 23.