Van Leeuwen's limited edition spinach ice cream was made in honor of Popeye's 90th birthday.

If you're not getting enough spinach in your diet, grab a spoon. 

Through June 2, you can scoop your way to a greener diet with Van Leeuwen Ice Cream's new spinach flavor. Called Popeye's Fleet Treat, the ice cream was created to honor the 90th birthday of the spinach-loving cartoon sailor Popeye, who gave us the iconic lyric, "I'm strong to the finish 'cause I eats me spinach."

Van Leeuwen, a Brooklyn, New York-based ice cream company, teamed up with Popeye to create this vegan, limited-edition flavor for New York City's Fleet Week, which is the city's yearly celebration of the nation's sea forces. 

Made with organic spinach, EVOO, turmeric, and sea salt, the colorful new scoop is described as having a sweet and savory flavor. It sounds... interesting, and although we haven't had a chance to taste it, the vibrant green color certainly sparks our curiosity. 

We're not alone in our mixed reaction. Some people took a hard pass on the new flavor. 

Others were intrigued and even excited to try the veggie-laden scoop. 

Commenters on Van Leeuwen's and Popeye's Instagram posts announcing the new flavor were especially excited about the spinach creation. One user commented: "Love this!! We need to try. Could it go well with our rosemary granola?" Another said: "It sounds great might as well give it a try." 

If you're in New York and part of the intrigued-enough-to-try-it party, you'll have to act fast. The flavor is only available through June 2 (or while supplies last) at the Hudson Yards, SoHo, and South Street Seaport locations of Van Leeuwen's. 

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