Make Your Daily Routine More "Green" with These Eco-Friendly Swaps

These everyday substitutions for single-use disposables make going green easy.
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knife and fork illustration

Zero Waste Kit 

No more plastic forks! This portable premade kit ($57) comes packed with bamboo utensils, steel straws, and more.

cup of coffee illustration

Woken Coffee

These compostable coffee pods ($14 for 20 pods) — available in three roasts—are convenient and eco-conscious.

q-tips illustration

Take My Face Off Mitty

Cut out the cotton pads and the Q-tips with this machine-washable cleansing mitt ($14).

sandwich-size wraps


Made of organic cotton and beeswax, these sandwich-size wraps ($35 for a set of three) will brighten your lunch.

detergent bottle illustration

Dreambly Wash & Dry Sheets

These biodegradable detergent-and-dryer sheets ($17 for 40 sheets) are a laundry cycle in one go.