We asked our social media followers how they find adventure, in big ways and small.
Courtesy of Stocksy
| Credit: Courtesy of Stocksy

"My kids are scouts, so we love to camp in different places. No electronics — unless you're taking a photo to preserve memories." —Mary Eckert

"Reading takes me on many adventures, especially cozy mysteries. My favorite authors at the moment are Denise Swanson and Arlene McFarlane—both have great humor. I try to solve the mystery as I read." —Marsha Holz

"I love to try new recipes. Last week I boiled sweet potatoes to make mashed potatoes for my daughter—she loved them. Seeing if a picky three-year-old will actually eat something is an adventure itself!"—Ruby Beasley 

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"When I think back to my life pre-cancer, I'd plan vacations months in advance. Now, if my scans are good, my husband and I are like 'OK, let's book something right now.' We see life in a different light. We enjoy right now."—Judit Saunders

"I find adventure in my daily life by raising three kids...every day is something new (and a little crazy)."—Amber Woodcock

"I tell my friends that we're going somewhere but don't tell them where. I pick them up, and we try a new park, art show, bar or band. It's the element of surprise that creates adventure."—Anne Citta

"I try one new food a week—whether it's an exotic fruit or vegetable or something in the international aisle—and then learn how to cook with it."—Debbie Schonauer

"My favorite thing is to go hiking with my camera and discover the microcosms along the trail! The intimacy of life in nature is so beautiful."—Karynlee Berstecher

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