Her story of her tooth falling out on TV and her harsh letter to her 13-year-old self only made us like her more!


Sharon Osbourne's known for her refreshing honesty. Whether she's hosting "The Talk" or being interviewed by other celebs, she says what she thinks.

Maybe it shouldn't be surprising, then, that during her appearance on the "Rachael Ray Show," she unabashedly recounted the story of when one of her teeth fell out on TV.

Sharon was co-hosting "The Talk" when a tooth implant suddenly wiggled free. Rather than hide it, she announced to her co-hosts that it had come loose and took it out to show them (and the audience) the gap. 

"It's like, why pretend?" Sharon said to Rach. "It is what it is. You're not special! Things happen to me like they do to everybody else." 

The same exact thing actually happened to Rach during one of her shows. She was interviewing actor Laurence Fishburne when an implant came out. She faked a cough, spat the tooth into her hand and continued on with the segment. At the end, she showed everyone what had happened to her "pirate tooth."

"It's so embarrassing," Rach said, "but that's what makes these types of shows fun is the more real that you can keep them." 

Sharon certainly knows a thing or two about keeping it real. Along with sharing her tooth story, she read a letter she wrote to her 13-year-old self, and it was pretty harsh! 

Here's what it said: "Dear 13-year-old me, be quiet and listen to other people. You know nothing! Look in the mirror: You are not gonna be a ballerina. Your legs are stubby, short, and hairy. P.S.: You're also not gonna marry John Lennon."

Harsh, but hilarious. 

"I have to tell you, I love you so much," Rach said to Sharon during her visit. 

Us too, Rach. Us too.