Our Instagram followers tell us about the times listening to their gut instinct made all the difference.

black and white photo of pregnant woman holding child
Photography by Devon Hall/Offset
| Credit: Photography by Devon Hall/Offset

"I was pregnant and my doctor wanted me to have an emergency c-section. While I did go to the hospital, I knew everything was fine. It was two weeks before the doc decided my twins should be born." —Gayla Ber

"When I was about to make a relatively big move 2 1∕2 hours away. My gut was saying no and all signs pointed to no. But we went. Three years later and now we're moving back! It was a learning experience. No harm done." —Alexis D.

"Although I looked like a picture of health, my legs felt a bit different so I reported it at my annual ob-gyn exam two years in a row. My doctor totally brushed off my concerns at both appointments. I said, 'My legs feel funny—could I be clotting? You've got me on birth control pills.' Three days later, I had a stroke. I am happy to be alive." —Suze McClellan

"My son was two years old. He was sick and had symptoms of a stomach bug. He had been sleeping all day, and in his sleep, he moved like he was having stomach cramps. My husband took him to urgent care, and the doctor said it was just a stomach bug. The next day, I was washing dishes and my gut was telling me to take him back. I took him to the ER, and it turns out he had appendicitis. The next morning, he was the first patient in surgery. I'm thankful for the gut feeling!" —Letty Robles

"My mom's phone kept going to voice mail. I had this feeling so I went over. She was cooking and fell asleep. I'm glad my gut was correct, or who knows what could've happened?" —Noreen Appleby

"My friend had her friend call me with advice on single parenting. I took a chance and drove from Texas to Ohio to meet him. Our families became one almost 20 years ago." —Kate Smith 

"My gut told me to not get married and move to Maine from Florida. That day was to be my wedding day, but I listened to my gut and stopped myself from making a terrible mistake." —Linda O'Brien