Salt & Straw Asked Kids to Invent Ice Cream Flavors—& Now You Can Try Them Yourself IRL

Well, this is adorable.
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Salt & Straw Kids Ice Cream Flavors

There's something about ice cream that can awaken your inner child, right? So why not leave it up to an actual kid to make your new favorite flavor? That’s exactly what West-Coast ice cream chain Salt & Straw did this year with its annual Student Inventor Series.

Here's how it works: Salt & Straw has elementary-school students pitch their dream ice cream flavors. Head Ice Cream Maker Tyler Malek then picks five favorites to turn into real flavors that you can buy for a limited time.

You might think this means gummy worms in chocolate chunk, Skittles in cookie dough, or something equally wacky that could only be dreamed up by a child. Instead, many of these kids chose sophisticated ingredients like honey-croissant, peppermint, and strawberries with balsamic. (We're not kidding—see below!)

One of the student's submissions. That curly ampersand is spot-on! 

One of the student's submissions. That curly ampersand is spot-on! 

Here were the 5 winning flavors from Portland-area students:

*As you can probably guess, these descriptions are quoted word-for-word—typos and all—from the students’ proposals.

Leomon-Lime Slime

Leomon-Lime Slime

Inventor: Lily from Ms. Gina's Class at Vernon Elementary 

”Leomon-Lime Slime- with a vanilla Ice -cream base chucks of lemon and lime curd and chucks of lemon zest short-bread.” by Lily



Inventor: Luca from Ms. Johnson's Class at Chapman Elementary

“Ingredients: Rhubarb, Vanilla bean, Ginger biscuit crumble ice cream, Orange zest. Rhubarb crumble, one of my favorite puddings. The rhubarb tastes like a warm summers day with fruity, juicy, sweet lime. The crumble is a chrunch ginger biscuit. (one zesty orange).It has stripes of rhubarb and a crunchy ginger cookie in the middle. It’s soft and crunchy. An ice cream inspired by where I was born and I call it THE GREAT BRITISH GINGER RHUBARB CRUMBLE“ -Love, Luca



Inventor: Pearl Elizabeth D.B. from Mr. Arthur's Class at Abernethy Elementary

“A delicious mexican vannila ice cream, with stirred in crumbled mexican chocolate covered torrtia shell, queso fresco, and a sprinkle of mild chilli powder plus a pinch of cinnimon. With this recipe sweet and savory join together and become one. (This recipe was inspired by my OBOB team.” -You Friend, Pearl <3 P.S. It’s called TACOCAT

Sticky Honey Croissant w/ French Vanilla

Sticky Honey Croissant

Inventor: Autumn from Ms. Swan's Class at Forest Hills Elementary

“My flavor is Honey Croissant With French Vanilla. When you taste my ice cream you will feel like you are in France. My ice cream smells like Fresh baked croissants. When your customers taste my ice cream they will taste fresh baked croissants with creamy French vanilla and sweet, sticky honey. I hope you don’t just like my ice cream. I hope you love it!” - Sincerely, Autumn

The butterfly yum

The Butterfly Yum

Inventor: Laura from Ms. Ramos Class at Schoolyard Farms/ Candy Lane Elementary

“Mint and salmonberry ice cream with ruhbar and apple drizzle carrot goatcheese mulberry crumble mint and basil leaf ontop.” - By Laura

Ready to try them yourself? You'd better hurry — these flavors will be available only until May 3 in all Salt & Straw Portland scoop shops. You can also buy a pint of each online for $65 + shipping.