The royal wedding is upon us, and that calls for a celebratory cuppa tea. But a thoroughly modern pair like Harry and Meghan deserves an amped-up tea party. Here’s how to really pour it on.
Brooklyn high tea
Courtesy of the Williamsburg Hotel
| Credit: Courtesy of the Williamsburg Hotel

Spin the Globe 

"Just because high tea is an English affair, there's no reason you can't use halvah for a sweet bite or dim sum for a savory option," says Kevin Chun, chef at Harvey, in the Williamsburg Hotel in Brooklyn.

Throw In a Theme

"Pick one that inspires you and have fun with it!" says Mourad Khiat, pastry chef at London's Berkeley Hotel. He created Prêt-à-Portea, a tea service inspired by London fashion week. (Picture a cake made to look like a Burberry cape.)

You Do You

"Use foods and teas that are personal to you,"says Gabrielle Jammal, "tea sommelier" at Baccarat Hotel in New York City. Baccarat's service, for example, taps into the brand's royal history, with menus inspired by Louis XV. How posh!