If all your food turns to charcoal at the cookout, you just might qualify for the Rookie Griller job – and a $10K paycheck.


So many competitions search for the best– a disheartening reality for those of us who are either just good enough or even not-so-good at doing the things we enjoy. But this summer, there's redemption for all: The folks at Reynolds Wrap have dropped their former search for an already masterful Chief Grilling Officer and are now searching for the World's Worst Griller – and they want to reward them.  

Reynolds Rookie Griller 1

Yup, that's right. Even though over 80% of US households own a grill, let's face it they're not all grill masters. Burgers can turn to hockey pucks, chickens end up drier than a desert, and let's not even talk about the tragedies involving fish. Standing behind the fire can be intimidating and though many can pull it off, there's still much to learn in order to truly excel. This is why this summer Reynolds Wrap will be giving a novice the Rookie Griller job, filled with perks such as virtual training from veteran grilling expert Steven Raichlen (author of The Barbecue Bible and How to Grill Vegetables) and $10,000 to go towards upping their grill equipment and accessory game. Oh, and they'll be plenty of Reynolds Wrap, too. The new hire will document their journey from zero to hero on the Reynold's website along with their social media channels. Stardom awaits!

To apply for the gig, get ready to humble yourself: Find a picture of your biggest #GrillFail – you know, that time everything turned black and you had order a pizza–write up the story behind it along with why you deserve the role of Reynold's Rookie Griller and email it over them by Friday, June 18. But first, check out all the details, requirements, and rules here. Oh, and if you've never grilled in your life, but the lure of the grates is calling, snap a pic of your most grill-timidated pose and send that along instead. And may the worst griller win!