The latest dating app has folks swiping through pictures of fridges, not faces.

fridge filled with fresh produce and drinks
Photography by Fuse/Getty Images
| Credit: Photography by Fuse/Getty Images

They say the way to someone's heart is through their stomach, and Samsung is taking that literally. The electronics company recently launched Refrigerdatinga Tinder-esque app that helps people find love based on the contents of their fridges. Sure, Refrigerdating is ideally made to sync with Samsung's Family Hub refrigerators (the app can be downloaded straight onto the smart fridges), but you don't have to fork over $3,500 for a touch screen–enabled appliance to find romance—the app will also work with any ol' icebox. Simply upload an image of the inside of your fridge to the app and you'll be linked with a host of potential suitors to swipe left or right on based on their grocery habits, whether they've got a full stock of fresh veggies or live off condiments and takeout. But before you start dressing up your crisper, the app's website has already called you out: "If this is going to work, it needs to be the real thing. Cheating and relationships don't go together well!" The Samsung team claims that a fridge's contents can reveal larger lifestyle values like fitness and adventurousness. At the very least, a peek at a match's favorite foods will provide some icebreakers on the first date!