Thea Baumann, food editor
of Gwyneth Paltrow’s
lifestyle brand, Goop, offers
her personal tips on how to
refresh and recharge. And, yes, it includes
something called “face yoga.”

Get some pantry zen

There's nothing more satisfying than a good  housecleaning. I start with the  kitchen, where I spend the most time. Cleaning  out my pantry and fridge gives me a sense of  calm and reminds me which ingredients I have  on hand, inspiring me to come up with new  recipes to use them.

Be a planner

Like everyone, I tend to overindulge over the holidays. Once the new year rolls around, I try to get organized with healthy meal prep. On the weekends, I stock up my fridge with things like overnight coconut oats for breakfast, cooked quinoa for stir-fries, and chopped veggies for snacking.

Pamper your skin

Figuring out a skin-care routine that works is key. I keep it simple with Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash ($28), Goop by Juice Beauty Perfecting Eye Cream ($90), and Beautycounter Dew Skin tinted moisturizer ($45).

plants on stand
Credit: Photography by Jessica Sample for GOOP

Swap out the booze

Cutting out weeknight drinking, even for a month, makes a huge difference for me. I sleep better, my skin looks fresher, and I wake up feeling ready for whatever the day may bring. Instead of having my usual glass of wine, I'll steep fresh mint and lemon verbena in hot water for a quick and easy tisane.

Do face yoga (because of course)

It sounds nutty, but I'm very into face yoga right now. You work out the muscles in your face just like the muscles in your body to build tone and elasticity. The exercises—like the one for mouth wrinkles, simply pressing your tongue inside your mouth along the wrinkle line—are so easy, I do them in the car on my commute to work.