Never be without a warm biscuit again.

Red Lobster
| Credit: Red Lobster

Here's a problem you didn't know you needed solved: How do you store biscuits when traveling in a way that maximizes accessibility without minimizing warmth and form?

Red Lobster, home of the famous Cheddar Bay Biscuit, knew this world needed—nay, deserved—a solution, and, wow, did they deliver. Meet the biscuit fanny pack, an insulated, fashionable pouch that allows you to keep several biscuits warm and within arm's reach at all times. Not only is it useful, it doesn't look half bad! (We can already see it at all of this summer's music festivals.) 

The company announced the fanny packs on Monday, May 14, in honor of National Biscuit Day. They know the pain that is heading home with warm takeout and struggling to not eat just a little before getting home. 

"We know that the biggest temptation for our guests driving with To Go in the car is to sneak a few bites on the way to their final destination," said Salli Setta, president of Red Lobster in a press release. "The Cheddar Bay Biscuit Fanny Pack is a functional, yet fashionable way, to easily stock up on the beloved favorite and enjoy a warm biscuit when they crave it most."

So how do you get your claws on one of these stylish biscuit fannies? Tell Red Lobster what you love most about the Cheddar Bay Biscuits by tweeting @RedLobster and using the hashtag #CBBSweepstakes.

If you have any biscuit dreams, you'll have to act fast. The sweepstakes closes on Tuesday, June 4. Winners will be chosen via random drawing on Wednesday, June 5, with 450 fannies available. Read all the rules here, and get those entries submitted!