These recreations—from chicken nuggets to macarons—look so real, you may forget they aren't edible.


The next time you wake up with a craving for chicken and waffles, bring your brunch to the bathtub.

On Etsy shop AJSweetSoaps, your favorite foods are transformed into shockingly realistic vegan soaps, whether it's a plate of bacon and eggs, a stack of colorful macarons, spaghetti and meatballs, popcorn, or cheese puffs that won't stain your fingers orange. Scents can range from super realistic—a bagel soap with a "freshly baked bread" smell—to more bath-friendly vanilla for a burger slider so you don't smell char-grilled.

Owner and designer Denise Mancuso started her Long Island, New York-based shop 10 years ago as a way to de-stress after a long, grueling day working for the FDNY. Her extensive soap collection is crafted with such intricate details that you might be tempted to take a bite of "foods" like onion rings, shrimp cocktail, macaroni and cheese, Italian rainbow cookies, and peanut butter cups.

And if you can't find what you're looking for, no problem. You can also request custom orders to recreate your mom's famous birthday cake or the takeout dish you ordered with your partner on your third date. Mancuso is up to the challenge to make any food your heart desires, and on average it takes her just a few hours to create something new. Some typical custom projects include pizza, sandwiches, and ice cream in varying flavors.

You may have spotted a few of her soaps while kicking back and watching your favorite TV shows. Her cherry pie and marshmallow soaps were both used as props for Waitress the Musical, and her box of chocolate soaps appeared in an episode of Grey's Anatomy.

"It's such a flattering thing," she says. "This started out as a hobby but quickly grew to be a fun business. My soap has been around the world—it's truly humbling."

Check out some of our favorite soap designs below:

Credit: Courtesy of AJSweetSoap
Credit: Courtesy of AJSweetSoap
Credit: Courtesy of AJSweetSoap
Credit: Courtesy of AJSweetSoap
Credit: Courtesy of AJSweetSoap
Credit: Courtesy of AJSweetSoap
Credit: Courtesy of AJSweetSoap
Credit: Courtesy of AJSweetSoap
Credit: Courtesy of AJSweetSoap