Rach would rather go to Montreal than Paris—for real. “It’s a great food city, plus it’s much closer and it’s much cheaper,” she says. What are you waiting for?


Marché Jean-Talon

marche jean-talon marketplace
Credit: Photography by Getty Images

"Saint-Denis and Saint-Laurent are the streets I hang out on most in Montreal. Jean-Talon is the giant marketplace near there. I used to smuggle food from it over the border all the time. It's a great area to just stroll around, eat cheese, and look at spectacular produce." marchespublics-mtl.com

St-Viateur Bagel

sesame bagel
Credit: Photography by Getty Images

"If you're a New Yorker like me, you'll agree that Montreal-style bagels are nothing like a bagel—they should invent a different word for them! They're denser and slightly sweet. The place to go is St-Viateur. Get a sesame one fresh from the oven and eat it screaming-hot, nothing on it." stviateurbagel.com

Basilique Notre-Dame

basilique notre-dame
Credit: Photography by Getty Images

"I always go to Notre-Dame (above), of course, when I'm in the city. It's so beautiful: those Gothic Revival ceilings, the giant organ, all of the amazing architecture both inside and out. It's a definite must-see." www.basiliquenotredame.ca

Espace Pepin & Maison Pepin

maison pepin store
Credit: Courtesy of thepepinshop.com

"This is a pair of stores in Old Montreal. Espace Pepin is a clothing and accessories store, and a few doors down is the home-goods store, Maison Pepin (above). Both are fabulous!" thepepinshop.com


poutine dish
Credit: Photography by Cyclope

"There are about nine million places to get poutine—cheese curds and gravy over extra-crispy french fries—in Montreal. Some restaurants are entirely dedicated to it. But I like to go to one of the street stalls and eat it out of a paper container. Heads-up: A little goes a long way. And some restaurant advice in general: no one eats dinner early here! Don't make reservations before eight or you'll look like a tourist."

Hôtel Gault

hotel gault guest room
Credit: Courtesy of Hôtel Gault

"When I'm in town, I stay at the Gault (above). It's in a former cotton factory in Old Montreal, which is a beautiful historic area. They take dogs, too. When I brought Isaboo years ago, she got her own bed!" hotelgault.com