What makes you happy is what makes you beautiful.

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| Credit: Photography by Simon Emmett

Welcome to a beauty issue that focuses on beauty from the inside out, zeroing in on what you need to live your most gorgeous life.

My beauty regimen is all about skin care. My mom got me started on moisturizers as a teen, and I've never looked back. And my biggest beauty trick is—wait for it—Wash your face! People ask me in interviews about injectables and fillers and all the technology out there to support "aging gracefully." Personally, I try to roll with the lotions and potions. It's cheaper and cleaner than any invasive procedure, and I think that too much "work" can make men and women look like one another, not like themselves. That said, if it makes you happy, I don't judge.

But others do. The worst part of the job when you're on TV every day is that people judge you based on your appearance. Honestly, I just want to be clean and moisturized, get to work, and, once I'm out of the makeup chair, avoid reflective objects at all costs. I believe in trying to take care of yourself to an extent, but not to the extreme, and that the most beautiful people anywhere in the world are the ones who are confident and comfortable in their own skin.

I'm excited about this issue, full of organic and easy ways to help you feel pretty. What you eat is a large part of how you look and feel, so we have foods that boost your glow and recipes that help you work more of those foods into your diet. We have food stylists—who get our many recipes ready for their close-ups—sharing their tricks for making your dishes look as good as they taste. And we have a reminder that through all of this, food should be about feeling good. It's OK to order the fries or get the margarita, because what makes you happy is what makes you beautiful. So be a little bad. It looks good on you.


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