What's life without trying something new and adventurous?
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Part of the fire that launched this magazine was a sense of adventure. Since day one, our motto has been Take a Bite Outta Life, and that's not just about food. When I was young, my mom would get us lost on purpose:

Go right instead of left on a normal route home to take a walk, look around, and talk to strangers. Because the more you put yourself out there, the fewer strangers there are. And as you meet them, you discover that you have more in common with the rest of the world than you imagined.

Every day should be an adventure, a chance to escape your normal and pack in some tiny moment of surprise or fun. Life doesn't have to be routine; you make it that way. We're the at-will employers of our own time. Don't wait for a dollar amount or a number of vacation days or a certain birthday or any other arbitrary deadline to celebrate life. Just live yours to the fullest extent you can every day you wake up.

That's what my friend Mike Solomonov does. Philly is a food mecca, and he's its fearless leader with Federal Donuts, the Rooster (which gives all its profits to vulnerable Philadelphians), and my faves, Zahav and Goldie. There is no one who will take you on a flavor adventure like Mike—see his recipes on pages 43 and 44 for proof. He is also one of the kindest human beings in the entire world. So go to Philly and pay him a visit, eat his food, and tell him I said hi. Then buy his latest book, Israeli Soul, and cook everything in it!

I want this magazine to be your adventurous friend who makes small, achievable suggestions about what you might want to cook or do to your home, or what cream you might want to put on your face, or what place you might want to wander off to. I want this to be a source of Just Try It. So what are you waiting for?


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