Our girl's back for another season, and she kicked it off in classic Rach style with an episode-long party full of food and fun.
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Great news, Rach fans! The 14th season of Rachael premiered today, and if the first episode was any indication, it's going to be a party all season long!

Our girl started the season with a bang, hosting a kick-off party full of great friends and delicious food. First, former New York Jets center Nick Mangold and former New York Giants wide receiver Amani Toomer joined Rach to whip up an extra-thick chili with refried beens, beef, and chorizo—a "gigantic, hot mess, nacho bowl of love," as Rach described it. (Oh yeah, and there's beer in it!)

Then Rach brought out Food Network star Sunny Anderson (sporting a referee shirt, of course) to make cheesy roast beef casserole sliders—cheese and deli roast beef topped with a cheesy mayo spread, doused in a buttery, cheesy sauce, and baked to toasty perfection.

"I hope to God my husband and his cardiologist are not watching this," Rach joked about the indulgent crowd-pleasing dish. "My husband will want it, and his cardiologist will not."

Rach also showed viewers how to make a football-shaped cheese ball, complete with sliced American cheese for the stripes and laces and surrounded by delicious dippers like pretzel sticks, veggies, and crackers. 

The party continued throughout the episode as Rach shared her No. 1 kitchen essential (a cast-iron skillet) and gave everyone in the audience her new expandable lasagna lugger (she likes to keep a bottle of wine in the upper compartment because who doesn't want wine with their casserole!?). Plus, she surprised a school bus driver who used his honeymoon money to buy students Christmas grifts with a free honeymoon for him and his wife.

Catch all the highlights on the Rachael Ray Show website, and tune in all season long for Rach's delicious recipes, helpful tips, fun interviews, and more! Check your local listings for showtimes.