Who else is loving these from-home episodes? 🙋

We're all adjusting to life at home right now—and Rachael has responded brilliantly. Not only has our girl donated $4 million to COVID-19 relief, but she's also shared insightful at-home cooking tips and videos on social media. Now, Rach is bringing those helpful tips one step further with #StayHome editions of Rachael, and we couldn't be more grateful. 

Broadcast from her giant, beautiful kitchen in upstate New York, Rachael's latest at-home show featured lots of goodies—a musical performance by Amos Lee, a "Q&Ray" full of fan questions, and a hearty Greek chicken recipe that's made on one pan. We always knew we could count on you, Rach. Check out some of the highlights: 

rachael's greek chicken

Rach's one-pan lemony chicken is totally quarantine-friendly. Plus, Rach let us in on a secret: the leftovers are amazing for chicken salad. Hello, lunch! John also made an appearance, stirring up a simple bubbly cocktail to accompany the chicken. Consider tonight's dinner done!

During the Q & Ray, Rach revealed what she's been up to while staying at home. Hint: It involves plenty of cooking (what did you expect?), hanging with John, and visiting with her mom—in a social-distancing way, of course. Elsa, Rach's mom, lives right across the street, making it extra easy for the two to stay connected. Rach also shared the funniest phrase her mom uses to call a meal delicious: "It's disgusting." Who knew?!

Rach answered a handful of other questions, from whether she's a pineapple-on-pizza fan to what she thinks of filming at home vs. in the studio. She also gave us a handy dandy tutorial to cleaning wooden cutting boards and had a special virtual visit from Entertainment Tonight host Kevin Frazier.

Catch the full videos of Rachael on rachaelrayshow.com, and stay tuned for another new at-home show Friday!