Hint: It's all about the simple stuff.

By Rachael Ray Every Day
December 28, 2018
smiling mom and kid snuggling in blanket
Photography by Chris Craymer/Trunk Archive
| Credit: Photography by Chris Craymer/Trunk Archive

"It's all about the simple stuff: we go to the movies and play board games. And I make homemade sweet treats that everyone eats!" —Marsha Davis

illustration of bicycle
Credit: Illustration by Joel Holland

"Ever since all three kids were itsy-bitsy, we've taken them on bike rides all over the place. Now that they're full-fledged adults, we still go biking whenever we can." —Mitzi Lea

"My 13-year-old daughter has Down syndrome, and food is her love language. We have spent our best times cooking together in the kitchen or trying new, adventurous dishes at restaurants." —Jenny Thompson

dog illustration
Credit: Illustration by Joel Holland

"My family includes four rescue dogs (who have plenty of energy!), so we like to hit the trails, play with them in the backyard, or visit their grandparents whenever we can." —Holly Hummel

"We have a bookathon. This summer, it's been extra exciting because my daughter is participating in a 1,000-books-before-kindergarten-challenge. When we are done with the books we buy, we share them with the neighborhood by putting them in our 'free library' in front of our house." —Melodie Latraille

fish drawing
Credit: Illustration by Joel Holland

"Fishing with our boys—away from video games and devices, just enjoying the peace of the lake—is a fun activity we can all do together. And it teaches them patience." —Erin Lorenz

"We always try to have a family meal at the kitchen table with no TVs or phones—just conversation. It's the best part of the day!" —Mellie Tulo

"My family loves to cook together. Some recipes are total keepers, while others don't make the A-list. One of my faves is meatless eggplant meatballs. My husband said, 'No way they'll taste like meatballs,' and then he tried them. Now they're a family favorite." —Char Wright