Why Rachael Ray Is Against Tearless Onions

And goggles, soaking, freezing, and any other anti-tear strategies.
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Have you heard about Sunions? The product of several decades of R&D, these trademarked onions won't make you cry. To make sure of this, they tested easy criers, who preferred Sunions five to one. 


One person who definitely doesn't prefer these tear-free alliums? Rachael Ray. Here's what she had to say:

No, no, no! You should suffer for your art. Chop the onion. Cry. People will do the dishes for you."

Actually, that sounds like pretty good advice. We'd take a few tears over dirty dishes. And it's no surprise as Rachael is also anti-goggles, anti-soaking, and anti-freezing when it comes to onions:

You cannot cut onions without crying. People send in all these tips. They wear goggles and glasses, and they soak the onions in water, which just takes away a lot of their flavor. They put them in the freezer... Just suck it up and cut the onion. Get it over with!


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