First vote, then eat!

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Photography by Jim Wright
| Credit: Photography by Jim Wright

This November, I'm grateful to be an American and I'm grateful for the privilege of voting. "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America": I put my hand on my heart and recited that every morning of my childhood in public school. Now more than ever, I consider what the pledge means and the weight of its responsibility. That's why I'm supporting Michelle Obama's campaign When We All Vote on its coast-to-coast mission to register voters. #WhenWeAllVote is registering voters across the country. Visit to help out! Because #WhenWeAllVote, we make another pledge to each other—to participate in our democracy. 

I recently turned 50, and it alarms me that, as a nation, we seem at our most divided in my lifetime. So I'm challenging myself to listen to my neighbors more and to judge them less, to pay attention to candidates at every level in my district, and to verse myself on as many issues as I can in this month's election. Americans should be grateful for the blessings we have and should get back to being a country that shows the world the beauty that can come from nurturing freedom and celebrating those famous truths that we hold self-evident. 

So we're game-on to vote and, of course, game-on to come to our tables and share our love and bounty, too. Happy Thanksgiving! November is a home cook's month to shine, and once again, we've got you covered (not quite literally) in the best gravy ever! Whether you're new to our mag or have a stack of back issues, this one's a keeper, stuffed with stuffing and sides, comfort foods, and creative strategies for the biggest meal of the year. 

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Credit: Photography by Justin Walker

We have so much to give one another. My Thanksgiving prayer is that we take the time to do it. I wish all my friends, family, and the extended family of our readers peace, full plates, laughter, and happy tears only and to be filled with joy as we enter this holiday season. 


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