Rach's reaction was priceless! 😂
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Neil Patrick Harris has, undoubtedly, had a successful life. He starred as Barney on the popular series How I Met Your Mother; he's acted in tons of well-known films; he wrote the New York Times bestsellers Choose Your Own Autobiography and The Magic Misfits series; and he's currently an adorable little family with fellow celeb David Burtka. The man's got it made.

Turns out, though, that no matter how famous you are, it still cuts you deep when you're not invited to parties. 

When Neil joined Rach on her talk show as her first secret guest of the new season, the first clue he gave to help Rach guess his identity was, "You had a party with my spouse last year and didn't invite me." Ouch. Clearly, he'd been hanging onto that one for a while. Here's how Rach reacted: 

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Credit: Rachael Ray Show/Youtube

Actually, her full response was "I'm going home" as she tried to leave the stage. "Can I leave, really? I feel terrible. I'm really sorry. I will be happy to come to your home and cook for you, maybe do a load or two of laundry."

Neil, to his credit, seemed happy with food and folded laundry as penance—he'll take what he can get.

If that entire encounter isn't relatable, we're not sure what is. Who doesn't want party invites (even if they have no intention of going) and free laundry service?

Once Rach found out it was Neil, all hard feelings were gone, and the two chatted about his family's summer vacation to France, Italy, and Croatia. Neil shared a video of his sunburned self jumping off a three-story boat in slow-motion, which only made us love him more. (Getting sunburned. Channeling your inner child. Being on a boat with your famous spouse and cute 8-year-old twins in Croatia or whatever wonderful place he was. All very relatable.)

Celebrities. They really are just like us ... sort of.

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