And it's tearin' up our hearts.
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Maybe it's been a minute since you thought about *NSYNC, the iconic boy band from the late '90s that gave us bops such as "It's Gonna Be Me," "Bye Bye Bye," and "Tearin' Up My Heart."

Since the group disbanded in 2002, some of them have stayed in music—hello, Justin Timberlake—but others have branched out into other putting Rach and her husband John in the hot seat.

When Joey Fatone appeared on the Rachael Ray Show, he tested Rach and John's food and lifestyle knowledge with a game called "Common Knowledge." (He does have culinary expertise, particularly in Greek food, after acting in My Big Fat Greek Wedding and its sequel.) 

John and Rach played the game against each other while Joey asked multiple-choice questions about cooking, cleaning, and home improvement.

Rach and John were their usual lovable selves, cheering each other on in between friendly banter. At first, Rach forgot she and John were on different teams, so when John got a housekeeping question, Rach started cheering him on. "Come on, babe, you can do this!" she said before quickly realizing, "Oh, I'm not supposed to root for them."

She made up for the mistake later by teasing John about his DIY skills. When she incorrectly answered a question about proper spray painting technique, John said he would have gotten it right. Rach was not having it. "You're D-I-Don't, are you kidding?" she said to John. "You're D-I-Won't."

The only bad part of the whole thing? We weren't with them. This I promise you: The next time Rach and John need teammates, it's gonna be me.